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I recently start storytelling Werewolf: The Apocalypse. It's a great game and if your a good storyteller you can make it fun and adveturous by leaving the players stuck in a rock in a hard spot. I've only story told about 5 times so far which is not a lot but my players enjoy it so I must be doing an okay job. If your a new storyteller I suggest playing with a small group. Big groups cause a lot of trouble and it is hard to keep them all satisified. I will be putting up some of my stories for the NEW storytellers and give advice on how to keep your players wanting more and more. If you have any questions email me!!! If you want to submit a story that I can post up on my page or would like to give me some advice, please email me. Thanx.

My Pack that I storytell:

Jason - Silver Fangs

Chris - Stargazers

Adam - Red Talons

Eric - Uktena

Buddy - Uktena

Buddy is an on and off character of my role playing game but I think it makes the game better with extra's who can only come in some time and not others. If you live in covington and you would like to join this Werewolf game please email and explain why. I could alway start two games and I wouldn't mind. I'm not the best storyteller but give me sometime and I'll get better! Also I was thinking about starting a storytelling in my chatroom. I would comeon at a centain time of day and you could all gather in the chatroom and we would play out a Werewolf or Vampire rpg over the chatroom! Please email me if you think this is a good idea. I would probably only allow about 5 players. So hurry

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