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Eartdawn Stuff and questions

I've just started playing Eathdawn but it's a great game. More people need to get into it. It has a great system wit easy to follow rules and great stories. Earthdawn is a world that has been ravanged by Horror's. Monsters that strive off of death and destuction. Later I will add some characters and stories that I have writen for earthdawn anyone may use them free of charge. But I suggest you buy the rule book or goto the FASA homepage that has some of the basic rules. If you have ever played Final Fantasy 3, you'll love Earthdawn! Just like FF3 only without most of the technogoly. If you would like to sumbit a story ideas for me to post up or a example character please feel free to email me.

Commonly asked questions

1."What is an RPG and how do I play?" First you must buy the rule book. Which is around $20.00 and it can be found at hobbie shop. Then you must find a someone to read the rule book. Buy some dice which usually cost around .75 a piece, get about two of each die. All the rest you should have like pencils and paper. Nest you must choose whp is going to be the players and who is going to be the gamemaster or GM. The player are the heroes of the stories that the GM writes. The gamemaster will is more of a unseen god in the game. He controls all the other people who don't play, the trees, the sky, the enemies and all the dangers. He must also write stories, so the gamemaster should be someone who likes writing or is creative. The players will just make there characters and over time build them up and make them stronger. The GM can choose any number of player to be in here game but usually as a rule big groups cause big problems! So stick to around 2 to 5 people so the game won't get out of hand. If you have any questions about being a GM or a player email me. Good luck!


Doll Mage

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