My Cool Peoples List

If your on this I then I think your cool! I am sure you really don't care but it just gives everybody and idea of who I think is cool. And people who don't like the poeple that I like can BITE ME!!!!!!!!!!!! It probably just means your jealous that there names are up and yours aren't!!!! Maybe if your nice to me I'll put your name up! :P I will be changing this page a lot so check it out often!

Christy 14/F

Buddy 15/M

TooL 15/M

Nip 15/F

Timmy 17/M

Vaw 13/F

Flybaby 16/M

Shelly 15/F

Honey 15/F

Harmony she wouldn't tell/F

Mascott 18/F

Loopy ?/?

Traci 18/F

Chris 16/M


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