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Hi my names is Patrick Mccoy, my middle name is Michael. I like Michael better than Patrick. I am 5'10, blue eyes, brown hair, 170lbs., and I live in covington by New Orleans. I am 16 yrs old. I Like all kinds of music except RAP and COUNTRY! I am in the 10th grade, hopefully next year I'll be in the 11th. I into all kinds of things from programming to hanging out with friends. I have a friend named Buddy and some other friends. My girlfriend is 14 and goes to the same school as me. We've been going out for about 4 months now. My page won't have any pictures seeing as I have a crappy internet server but it will have many links to cool stuff on the net. I hope you enjoy my homepage. I don't claim it to even be a decent homepage. Email me and brighten up my day. Tell me what you think.

Also another hobbie I do is play video games. Yeah stupid as it seems I think video games rock and I play them all the time. I also like playing RPG(Role Playing Games), if your not into RPG's get into them!!! There extremely fun to pkay and you get to hang out with friends so you have fun while your doing it. I've played like all the RPG's AD&D, Vampire, Werewolf, and now Earthdawn. They're all pretty cool but EarthDawn is probably my favorite. It deals with the midevil times and all the monsters that went with it. If you like death and killing like animals I sugest playing Werewolf or Vampire. If you have any questions about RPG's please email me and tell me what you need to know about them. I'll probably soon have links that lead to some RPG sites but for now I won't have a lot.

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