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Hi I am Michael

This is my sorry hompage!! This page is under heavy construction!!!!! So bookmark it and come back every week or so. On this page I will have some cool links to some of my other friends homepages! Please check them out. I will have a better page soon,.... hopefully until then just wait! I'v now had my homepage for like 3 months. I am just getting started on it again. Anyway have fun looking at my homepage! None of these links mine. I do not take credit for them I only advertise them.

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Eric's compendium of free RPG's: A good place to find rpg's if you like them.
Fasa publishers and producers of Earthdawn and Shadowrun: check it out! Great game!
New Earthdawn Disciplines: tons of stuff for Earthdawn.
Tripod: Free homepage with 11 mb!!!

My Snazzy List of Links

About me!!!!!!! :): This is basically a short story about my self.
Click here to view/sign my guest book!: Please sign my guestbook!!:)
My Earthdawn stuff: Great game and fun to play. Check it out.
My chatroom: Chat about anything you want to chat about.
Click here to goto My other homepage.: Read my poems and stories, and find tons of free stuff!!! =)
Click here to see my werewolf group!: These are the people that I play werewolf with!
My Messgae board: Please sign my message board and write something. =)

Email me and tell me what you think! :):
[This page was updated on 6-22-98]